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Changes, Nothing lasts forever, Why Worry?

Plaatje waarop geschreven wordtIn this text I share something from ‘my’ story. It’s just 1 out of 7 billion+ stories, so no, it’s not Truth, not even ‘true’ in the conventional sense of the word, but it’s shared as maybe something to look at, when you are dealing with similar issues (like depression or anxiety) in your life. Of course, all comes without any guarantee, and it does not relieve you of the responsibility to look for yourself. As always it has to be ‘you’ who’s doing ‘the work’.  Lees verder

Consent, Relating, Trust, Just some Rambling

Geen autoriteit buiten 'jezelf'This article, about consent, is a rewrite and combination of two articles written for another ‘occasion’. It’s just a vision, a thinking out loud, on the subject. It’s not written to be absolutely correct, and is really just an observation from, and description of, what’s experienced here. I do not ask you to agree. I do not ask you to mimic.  I do not even ask you to consent with anything you read. :D  Lees verder

By Request: About Truth, You, Doing, Thinking

Alles 'Verdwenen'

I heard a request through the grapevine, asking me if I could write something about ‘my vision’ in English. Since ‘what is’, ‘is’, and ‘what happens’, ‘happens’, who’s there to say no? Lazy as I am though, I copied some stuff from the Facebook page, and made a few adjustments. :D What follows is a brief explanation of how things appear in ‘my’ experience. Though it may sound a bit theoretical at times, it’s just a description of what’s experienced (the thoughts arise, as I’m writing them, without me ‘doing that’.
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