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I heard a request through the grapevine, asking me if I could write something about ‘my vision’ in English. Since ‘what is’, ‘is’, and ‘what happens’, ‘happens’, who’s there to say no? Lazy as I am though, I copied some stuff from the Facebook page, and made a few adjustments. :D What follows is a brief explanation of how things appear in ‘my’ experience. Though it may sound a bit theoretical at times, it’s just a description of what’s experienced (the thoughts arise, as I’m writing them, without me ‘doing that’.

Disclaimer / ‘set up’

Let me start off with a disclaimer / ‘set-up’. All ‘you’ will read are mere pointers, never true as such, and definitely not Truth. Truth can’t be known as such, since it’s beyond words, symbols, or whatever comes as form, shape, size, sense, energy, whatever. The you you think you are, is not you, while the You that thinks of you as you, is neither. There is no ‘you’, or ‘You’, period.

Nothing to save, adjust, defend, or attack

With nothing happening, and no ‘you’ or ‘world’ in any way, shape, or form, seeing all these ‘isms’ gets quite funny. All these ‘isms’ are of course nothing more than belief-systems / beliefs, which get believed for a purpose. That purpose is always pointing to the idea of an ‘I’, since what you really are couldn’t care less.

So the whole idea of trying to save, preserve, or defend (for) ‘what was never, and will never be there’, sounds a bit like a waste of time. It’s a way to make-believe purpose, which in and of itself isn’t a bad thing. The idea there’s are ‘better’ or ‘worse’ ways to ‘kill time’, or pretend, is of course just that, an idea.

Really. Who / what would be saving who / what from who / what?

Ego / mind

This whole mechanism seems like another ‘trick up the sleeve’ of this mind / ego / self thingy, trying to pretend to be the impossible to be possible, the uncontrollable to be controllable, the unknowable to be knowable, and that way reinforces the idea of it’s own existence…

Fucking liar! :D

So far for the good news….

Try to never forget.

That what’s seen, heard, experienced, is not you. All reasoning, knowing, believing, etc. is dreaming, and not Truth. Truth is, dreaming isn’t. So Taking it ‘some steps down’ there’s this dreaming. In that dream there appear imaginary entities, we call humans. You. This does not alter anything about Truth. It also does not make anything true as such. Belief is belief, period.

Who is telling / writing ‘your’ stories?

We all have stories we tell to ourselves on the inside. These stories are not you, and strangely enough not even about you. It’s what others told you about you (in language or in deeds) and all that’s happening is that these opinions and beliefs about the experiences – not truth, not reality, not absolutely so – (about you) are taken to be true, by (imaginary) ‘you’. That’s just a belief. There’s nothing wrong with you, ever. Impossible!

So when you look at -and listen to – this internal dialogue, do never forget; If it’s about lack, if it’s about not being good enough, if it’s about anything that goes right against your own idea of self-worth, it’s NOT about YOU!

Foto baby

Self defeating stories

It’s some foreign installment, put there by people who (consciously or unconsciously) tricked you into this belief in ‘being not enough’, or whatever feeling this ‘self attacking’ brings forth. This ‘was done’ (consciously or unconsciously) to manipulate you into (unconsciously) cross (your) internal borders, so you’d do their will. That’s not saying (all) these people are ‘evil’, since most of the times it happens not explicitly on purpose, but because of ignorance.

There is nothing wrong with you, never was and never will be. That’s just a belief, and that belief has nothing to do with what you really are, except when you believe you are all these (imaginary) shortcomings aka you (as a person).

No you, no control!

And since you (as a person, not what you are) are the one believing it, it will never be you who will make you stop believing it.

Just see that what you are, is not the body, not these thoughts, not the personality and let ‘that seeing’ do the work, and free you from this illusion.

You are whole, beautiful and perfect…. That can be ‘understood’ (on a sort of subliminal level)……..

Do not believe a word of the above. If you THINK you understand, you are wrong. Now…. Go see for yourself, and….. DO NOT DENY!!!!

Plaatje leven zonder vangnet, vallende persoon


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